Our Home is Your Home

Live and Let Drive!

EV Charging Stations

We are Cleveland’s first private equity real estate firm to introduce EV stations on its apartment properties. Not only is Smartland® making life easier for tenants, but we also hope to be starting a growing trend. Having EV charging stations in more places, especially places of residence will encourage and foster a more environmentally aware Cleveland.

We get our crew out to you. Anytime, anywhere.

24 Hour Maintenance

Weather in Northeast Ohio is unpredictable and can cause unexpected issues that arise out of nowhere. That’s why all of our Smartland® properties provide superior, uncontested 24-hour tenant maintenance. If you experience any problem requiring service or repair of your apartment, you can call or email our maintenance team any day or any time.

Putting Pedal to Metal!

Bike Repair Stations

We at Smartland® want to promote healthy living in our communities. We firmly believe that a healthy community is a happy community. We want what’s best for our tenants. One amenity includes installing bicycle maintenance stations and bicycle racks on all of our apartment properties. Due to our close proximity to Downtown Cleveland from many of our properties, we hope to get residents who already own bikes to ride them more frequently!

Don't just live. Live SMART.

Smart Home Apartments

Smartland® is taking another front running stance when it comes to living better. Our residences provide a multitude of smart home technology and features. The term “smart home” has been a big buzzword by the media and tech companies, but what exactly is a smart home? Home automation is the original concept where the term “smart home” comes from. Home automation gives you the ability to have remote control over features like lights, climate, appliances, and even security systems in your residence.