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Smartland® is taking another front running stance when it comes to living better. Our residences provide a multitude of smart home technology and features. The term “smart home” has been a big buzzword by the media and tech companies, but what exactly is a smart home? Home automation is the original concept where the term “smart home” comes from. Home automation gives you the ability to have remote control over features like lights, climate, appliances, and even security systems in your residence.

Smart TV

Over 50% of Americans currently have Smart TVs in their home and the reason why is without a doubt a no-brainer. With endless hours of entertainment and with access to some of your favorite streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, and even YouTube! You will never run out of things to watch. Alongside your streaming apps and Wi-fi capability, you will also have access to watch all your favorite cable TV channels and stream on-demand content instantly. With little to no setup, just plug the TV in and get to relaxing!

Fire TV

If you are a frequent Amazon or Prime user, the Fire TV is a must for your new smart home. With the Fire TV you have access to all the same streaming services as your smart TV with a faster and smoother run ability thanks to its advanced processor and memory. This TV also supports the Alexa Home Theater feature, where you can pair your echo speaker(s) to create the perfect in home cinema experience. With the Amazon Alexa feature you can ask your TV to search all your favorite prime videos, tv shows and movies all through a voice command.

Fire TV Cube

With full access to your Fire TV, cable box, soundbar, gaming consoles, and other devices. The Fire TV Cube is currently Amazon’s fastest streaming player out there! Supporting 4K HDR and dolby compatibility, it runs double the speed of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, it is currently one of Fire TVs' top-rated products on the market. Not only does this sleek-designed cube pair with all your other smart home technology, but it also has its own built-in Alexa. Imagine being able to ask your Fire Cube “whos on screen?” during a movie!

Smart Coffee Maker

If you’ve ever heard someone say the best way to start the day is a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee, well we couldn’t agree more! Start your mornings off with a simple voice command, tell Alexa to turn on your coffee maker from the comfort of your bed and it’s as simple as that. Or you can easily program your Alexa to sync with the coffee maker creating a hassle-free wake-up ready brew routine. Plus, you even have access to change the strength of the brew, set filter cleaning reminders, and turn your coffee maker on and off right from your smart device. Begin your day the right way, with a fresh cup of coffee!

Fire TV Cube Mount

The only thing better than having a Fire TV Cube is being able to mount it right by your TV! The Fire TV Cube mount allows you to conveniently hang your device right under your TV allowing you to hide the cords and maintain that sleek clean design. With easy accessibility to all buttons, a light display, and a front-facing microphone for the clearest audio pickup. This mount makes having your Fire TV Cube just that much more convenient. Plus with no pre-drilling required, mounting your device has never been easier!

Google Nest Thermostat

It goes without saying that everyone would like to be able to save money on their utility bills. What if there was a way to be able to control your home's thermostat from anywhere just by the touch of a button on your phone? There is! Google Nest thermostat gives you complete control over your home's climate, allowing you to turn on and off heat or AC while you’re away only to turn it on again before you get home saving you from using the appliance when it’s not needed. Make sure that you come home to the perfect climate every day.

Smart Light

We have likely all had that moment of panic after leaving our homes and wondering if we had forgotten to shut off our lights. No longer, introducing a home equipped with Smart light technology. Imagine a home with lights motion censored to shut off when nobody is in a room or lights you can dim just by a simple voice command. Even more, our smart lights can be synced with your other smart home technology where you can schedule and customize your settings to your liking in advance, that way you can ensure your lighting preferences always match your lifestyle. Save on utilities and energy usage today with Smart light technology!

TV Mount

Ditch the conventional TV stand and save your money on buying a bulky expensive media cabinet. Free up your floor space and give your new home a modern, sleek and clean look without the added clutter with your new TV mounts. Plus, with the mounts tilt feature you can be sure to comfortably enjoy all your favorite shows and streaming services while reducing the glare from lights and windows you would otherwise get in a standard entertainment setup. Enjoy your TVs’ with the best view, no matter where you are in the room!

Echo Dot

Want to have your home equipped with your very own virtual assistant? Meet “Alexa”! Amazon’s Echo Dot is designed to listen and respond to prompts, questions, and commands. Plus, with the ability to work in sync, connect and interact with your other smart home devices, it takes your smart home to a whole new level. Set reminders, make phone calls, ask her for the latest news, play music, or even adjust lights through voice command! The possibilities with your own Dot are endless. Experience what “living smart” should be.

Echo Dot Mount

What's better than an Echo Dot? How about one that you can conveniently mount anywhere in your home! The Echo Dot only takes minutes to mount and allows you to keep that tabletop and counter space free. Alexa makes a great sous chef, right while being mounted in your kitchen you can ask her about new recipes and different measurement conversions. Give yourself a whole new cooking experience. Plus the mount also allows you to swivel and tilt your virtual assistant to provide you with the best audio possible no matter where you are in the home!

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