About Us

We are with you every step of the way.​

Smartland Team

On Smartland® properties, you don’t just live here. You experience life here. All of our properties have a multitude of amenities to ensure your experience is the best one possible. At every turn, our staff is ready and willing to help; from our agents who help you find your perfect home to our maintenance crew who tirelessly work around the clock for you.

Smartland® started back in 2008 with a goal to make living well accessible to everyone. We already had a vision when we bought that first apartment complex. Today, our vision is being realized. We took those complexes and turned them from apartments into homes. We refurbished all units, murals, and even more amenities. We’ve also taken similar steps for our rental houses as well. Each house that we acquire gets remodeled and updated immediately. That’s the Smartland® standard.

We’re in the business for our tenants. Smartland® believes everyone should be able to not just live but live better and we dedicate all our work to this philosophy. What sets us apart is our dedication to maintaining our relationship with all of our residents and that has made all the difference!