Apartment Life For Pets

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Apartment Living With Pets

Whether you are adopting your first companion from a shelter or bringing your best fuzzy friend with you, apartment living has its pros and cons for pets. There may be some considerations you haven’t thought of, like if you have good pets for apartment living, so we’re writing this blog on pet life in apartments. Hopefully, you’ll learn something that can make you and your pet happier living in your apartment.

Itty Bitty Living Space

The first thing to realize about your pets living in an apartment, even a pet friendly one, is that they have a small space and limited bathroom breaks. It is incredibly important that dog owners allow their pups to run around and use the bathroom as much as they can. Rain, snow, or sun they need to be outside for fun and for business. Being cooped up too long can lead to behavioral problems or anxiousness in many animals. Small pets tend to have fewer problems with this but that doesn’t mean they’re immune. Something you can do to accommodate is hiring a dog walker or a pet sitter to give your pet plenty of exercise and attention while you’re at work. Also, try to live on the lower floors. This makes getting inside and out much easier for both of you, leading to more walks and play!

The Girl Next Door

Neighbors can make or break a living experience for you. But did you know it could be an issue for your pet being there? Living with a pet means living with some noise, no matter how good of a pet. They may be blissfully unaware, but you can bet you and your neighbors are not. You don’t want your pet unintentionally making enemies around them. It could lead to problems later on, including in extreme cases having to decide between getting rid of your pet or moving. There are 2 things you can do to help your pet. Training and PR.

Make sure your pet is well trained and knows when to vocalize and when not to. A trained pet will cause fewer issues amongst neighbors and help you out. Make sure it knows its commands and won’t attack or bark at random people in the hall or outside the door. Also, make routines. If you can familiarize your pet with feeding times and bathroom breaks, they will pick up on the schedule so they won’t cry for food randomly and know to take care of business when they’re out.

When it comes to doing some PR as a pet owner, make it a point to introduce them to your neighbors and let them get familiar with each other. People are more likely to put up with some occasional noise or misbehavior from “Spot” next door than they are from “my neighbor’s dog”. You can also make a pet resume for your pet that you can present to your landlord or neighbors if they have any doubts.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Apartment life for your pet may be good or bad depending on something beyond control. Personality. Beyond just being good apartment pets, some animals are much more adept to handling apartment life and this varies from animal to animal. Like humans, animals have preferences. Some will have no problem living in closer quarters, sticking to a schedule, and keeping quiet. However, there are some who will have a problem doing this. Some just won’t take to apartment life and very little will resolve this without them being miserable. Consider your pet’s personality before moving into an apartment or moving with them.

Are You Not Entertained?

Finally, apartment life for pets can be BORING. Pets can get depressed and lonely just like humans. Make sure you take the time to play with your furry friend, give them plenty of attention, and let them meet other people or animals when you’re home. Pets can’t go anywhere or do anything independently in an apartment so they’ll be looking for stimulation. Living in places with big yards or dog parks can really help with this. Also, try switching toys every few months and take them on extended walks or to nearby parks once in a while. It’s really healthy and can help stem behavior problems.

Apartment living can be very pleasant for pets if done properly. Make sure you consider all these things when thinking about moving to an apartment with your pet or when you’re adopting while living in an apartment. Remember, pets can’t do much on their own in this situation so it’s up to you to make sure your pet can live just as well as you do!

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