Smartland’s Top 10 Bike Blogs

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For those who aren’t as familiar with the biking scene, you may be surprised to find there’s A LOT of content out there for biking of all kinds from racing to bikepacking. For those in the know, you face a very saturated market that may be difficult to navigate. So, we’ve ventured out into the world wide web to compile a list of some of the best biking content we could find for both the pros and the newcomers. This is Smartland’s Top 10 Biking Blogs.

Average Joe Cyclist

Average Joe Cyclist

Starting this list is the most accessible of all of these bike blogs. Average Joe Cyclist is a blog written by average people  FOR average people who like to bike. If you’re looking to get into biking or just need an easy fix of bike content presented in charming ways without the having to look up a word every paragraph, this is the blog for you!

Cycling Weekly

If there was a baseline for what makes a bike blog a bike blog, Cycling Weekly is it. Bike news, racing coverage, product reviews, advice, and even general fitness that can benefit your biking performance. This is the must-have blog for people who want hard hitting info and are taking biking pretty seriously. No one who considers themselves a biker should be unaware of this!

Cycling Tips

If you want to get more in-depth with the bike lifestyle, check out Cycling Tips. Beautifully presented content and a deeper analysis of everything biking, this blog has it all. There’s a lot of content about a lot of subjects, particularly content for things you don’t typically associate with biking but you learn how much it does. Cycling Tips has great, solid posts for literally everyone.

Momentum Mag

For those who aren’t as interested in reading about big races, spending big bucks on the latest bike model, or wearing form-fitting spandex, Momentum Mag is here. This blog is all about urban and casual riding presented for the average rider. They post articles about basic bike etiquette, safety, and making your commutes more comfortable. It’s arguably the best example of bike blogs for the light biker.

Red Kite Prayer

One of the most interesting and thought to provoking blogs on the list, Red Kite Prayer takes a different and refreshing angle on bike content. They post all about biking from the angles of how it affects the body and mind. Stories upon well-crafted stories recounting experiences, describing what riding does for the body, and a lot to think about from stories of the thoughts they have while riding. This blog takes a new approach to the bike blog format making it stand out. Their actual content makes it shine.

The first thing you’ll notice about this blog is how good it looks. Big, beautiful images of sweeping landscapes and artistic pictures of bikes, this is the blog for bikepacking. It’s well organized with sections dedicated to educating readers on bikepacking and articles and stories about other people’s bikepacking experiences. If you don’t know what bikepacking is or you are a fan of it already, this blog is a MUST.


Bike198 is a specialty blog for mountain biking specifically. If racing or competition isn’t your forte, I’d seriously recommend this one. Mountain biking is an interesting category of biking that kind of ties the adventure and scenery of bikepacking and combines it with the in-depth and more serious side of hardcore biking. There’s a quite a bit for each side too, from stories and experiences in scenic locations to the fleshed out product reviews and mountain biking competition analysis.


(North Shore Mountain Biking): Another mountain biking blog, this one stands out particularly because of its location: Waaaaaay up north! It’s definitely for people in colder climates or places with tons of snowfall or inclement weather. This blog stood out because it covers a whole side of biking that never occurred to me before and is highly beneficial for people who maybe thought they couldn’t get into biking just because of where they live.

Bike Snob NYC

Bike Snob NYC

Pulling away from some of the hard-core biking material, Bike Snob is a great blog for those who aren’t exactly interested in the informational or super in-depth analyses you get with other bike blogs. Full of witty commentary and extensive rants about the side of biking that may just take itself too seriously. It’s definitely worth the read for every type of cyclist though. It’s humor and critique are amplified if you are actually part of the hard-core scene because you know exactly what they’re talking about, making it a great choice for every kind of biker.

Drunk Cyclist

This one is definitely the stand out of the list! It’s a satirical and hilarious blog presented to you in a pulpy blend of sarcasm and swear words! Don’t be fooled by its appearance because it’s actually a very sharp, funny blog that takes everything we love about biking and spits it back out at us in a whole new way. This is another one of those blogs that gets even funnier if you’re in the lifestyle. Understanding the subject helps accentuate every joke, swear, and disregard for formatting. I can wholeheartedly recommend this one to most bikers.

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